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UK is famous on the face of the world for its quality of education system. UK is having many modern as well as Ancient universities i.e. Oxford, Cambridge with experienced faculties and modern classrooms, labs.

UK’s universities and colleges have a practical learning approach in which they provide seminars, presentations and internships to its students to make them confident and competent to work in the respected specialized areas.

UK’s universities and colleges have designed their assessment process in such a way that the students will be a subject expert after completion of their study in particular subject.

Types of Certification:- There are different types of certification in UK’s education system. Which are as under?

I. Certificate: is entry level for international students. It is got awarded on the basis of 1 year of successful study.

II. Foundation Degree: In this, they provide theory as well as practical education. Foundation degrees as equal to 2 year study of Bachelor degree. Foundation degree is reveal 5 studies in UK.

III. Bachelor Degree: is awarded after successful study of 3 to 4 year of successful study. Bachelor Degree is level 6 of study.

IV.Post Graduate Qualification: is level 7&8 study. It is for students who want to enhance their educacation. Post graduation study include taught and research elements in it.

COST OF EDUCATION: Study in UK is quite affordable for international students. Degree in UK will generally take less time to complete than other that help students to save money. UK government also provides scholarship to its international students.

Level of Study Ruqirement
Bachelors Degree 1st class in HSC IELTS / TOEFL
Master Degree 1st class in Bachelors Degree IELTS / TOEFL

REQUIRED TESTS:- To apply for UK universities students have to give IELTS / TOEFL exams. UK is having different IELTS / TOEFL requirement for undergraduate and postgraduates, which is as under.


IELTS: 6 Band is minimune. And it should not be less than 5.5 in individual.

TOEFL: 80 to 90


IELTS: 6 TO 6.5 Band is mininume. And it should not be less than 5.5 to 6 in individual.

TOEFL : 85 to 90